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Dental Care in Hopewell, VA

For the best in cosmetic dentistry, come to James P Webb DDS in Hopewell, Virginia. We believe having a beautiful smile not only boosts your sense of confidence, but also gives you a healthy outlook on life. Our dental facility offers a wide range of services to help you achieve a healthy smile and maintain proper health care.
Dental Equipment - Dental Care in Hopewell, VA
This is a procedure that is performed to fill in the space from a missing tooth. These are a permanent way to fill in the missing pieces of your perfect smile.

We will numb you before we give you a filling and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. We offer Tooth Colored & Silver Fillings.
Dental Clinic - Dental Care in Hopewell, VA
Our friendly staff will answer any questions you have about getting a crown put in. We also do Implant Crowns.

This is a service that is completed with 5 appointments. We will make sure you need dentures and you are fitted for them. Once that is complete, we will order them for you and make sure when they come in that they are comfortable and fit properly.

This is completed in 4 appointments, in which we will determine if you need partials and which ones work best for you.
Contact us in Hopewell, Virginia, to schedule an appointment for our cosmetic dentistry services.
We perform extractions on site for each of our patients. We also perform emergency services.

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